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Wazir Bacha

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Wazir Khyal Baacha Wazir was a migrant worker in Dubai for over 15 years but it wasn't until later that he learnt from doctors in a Peshawar hospital that he was HIV positive. Unfortunately, Wazir's wife and child were also identified as being HIV positive and sadly died from AIDS.

Married women are not safe from HIV and AIDs as they depend on the knowledge and attitude of their husbands. Losing a loved one was a source of torment for Wazir. "When my wife got AIDS from me , I felt very guilty and helpless." Still, she said "I forgive you"! To add to his pain he was soon to lose his daughter Salma who was also HIV positive. "I could have given anything in this world to save my daughter".

Having discovered that medical help has improved his life he now builds bridges between ignorance and knowledge. He tells people that treatment is available and it will help them. However, they must overcome the fear and shame in order to get medical help.

The most important message is that this disease is controllable and that drug therapy is available. Education can work as a vaccine for HIV by giving people the knowledge of how to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and raising awareness of the disease.

Wazir has had to live with the burden that he infected his wife and subsequently his daughter but he has managed to transform the pain of losing his family into a positive message by educating others with his story and teaching them how to prevent the spread of the virus.

For Wazir, the road ahead is full of hope. "In my opinion saving other people’s lives is a form of Jihad. Had I been more informed my family would still be alive. Now I want to save the lives of others." Wazir continues to save lives by spreading his message.

A documentary has been produced by film-maker and anthropologist  Read more about Samar Minallah that follows Wazir and tells his story of his struggle living with HIV and AIDS. This documentary shows that people living with HIV and AIDS can be the 'silver lining' to the clouds of stigma and hopelessness.  The Silver Lining' Documentary about the life of Wazir

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